Server/Game Rules

[ General Rules ]
This TAB contains all the updated rules for PhoenixARK. Rule is followed by consequence you will get for breaking rules! 

You can report users on Discord(bottom left corner) either in tickets #Support Channel or in Pm HyPerZ.

1. Any sort of third party software that gives you advantage over other players are not allowed (Aimbot, ESP) -1st Permanent ban for your whole tribe!
2. No duping of loot/resources -1st Tribe wipe and 2 Weeks Ban for the whole tribe. (can be shortened by explaining the method to me.)
3. No Inside raiding tribes -1st Weekly Ban
4. No arguing with Admins/Owner
5. No Building on obelisks or high resources areas!
- Doesnt Apply to Green/Blue Obelisks on Island!
6. Building in undermesh or any "Unintended" base spot where you can get into it by glitching your character in is not allowed. For example Extinction city ratholes. -1st Structure n Dino Wipe -2nd Weekly Ban for whole tribe.
7. No building on/near Wyvern trenches on Valguero, Ragnarok or Scorched Earth.
8. If you put up a starter base in high valuable spot for example a cave and abandon it with new player protection it can get removed.
9. Placing hidden teleporters in base spots is not allowed. -Will get you dev wiped without any warning.
10. Spam is Limited to 500 Structures outside your base (use whatever you need to build your bases/caves). -1st warning -2nd structure wipe.
[ Raiding Rules ] 
1. Mass Soaking Rule - 7 Maximum Dinos in The Turret Range
    - If The dino is stuck in The Tower/Cage which you cant retrieve, it doesnt count as 1 of the seven (This Still doesnt allow you to mass spam dinos into turrets on purpose)
    - If Turret settings were changed, doesnt mean you can spam dinos into the turret tower. (Keep it to 7)
2. Dont use any illegal raiding methods or exploits (Meshing) -Permanent Ban.
3. Dont cage players for over 4 hours! -1st Warning -2nd 24h Ban.
4. Teaming Rule - 1 Tribe for EVERYTHING
    - This Includes Raidiing/Defending
    - 3rd Party in raids are limited to 1 tribe attacking the FOB. If there is a war going on between fobs/a raid, dont get involved.
This doesnt mean you can go and team, if you have no intent of raiding the base afterwards, you shouldnt be counter fobbing.
5. If you FOB a tribe while  you have New Player protection you can get structure wiped.
6. Building into bases is not allowed, AKA Tunneling! -First Structure wipe -Second Ban
[ Voice/Chat Rules ]
1. Be nice to everyone, Treat EVERYONE with respect -1st Mute 24H.
2. Dont try to bypass chat filter -1st Warning 2nd Mute 24H.
3. Racism or homophobia of any kind wont be tolerated -1st Permanent Mute.
4. Dont argue with Owner/Admins. -1st Mute 24H.