About us

PhoenixARK was made when I realised there is lack of fast PvP Ark servers. I developed this server for people to have pure PvP experience where they can come on have fun and log out for the night without having to worry about getting raided. We want to develop servers based on community wants to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Current state of the server might have some bugs and issues which i will work towards fixing to give everyone better experience. Further on server will be developed based on community suggestions.

Top 5 characters

# Name Level Server
1 135 The Center
2 135 The Center
3 135 Ragnarok 1
4 120 The Center
5 120 Ragnarok 1

Fresh survivors

Name Level
105 4 hours ago
105 5 hours ago
105 5 hours ago
105 9 hours ago
106 12 hours ago